Wife Swapping In UK Clubs

Wife swapping in UK swinging clubs is something that is extremely popular and a lot of fun. You will find that wife swapping has been around for decades. It became very popular back in the 1960s and 1970s. It may also be known as a key party, where couples would have a party in their own home and would make all of their guests put their keys into a large bowl. Whenever you pulled the keys out of the bowl you would go home with the person whose keys you grabbed. There are now clubs that will allow something similar to happen.

Themed Nights

Look for swingers clubs that will have themed nights. Most will have nights where it is just a night of wife swapping. You will either be able to go home with the wives or you will stay there and have sex with them at the club. Check out the swingers clubs in your area and find out which ones have the nights that are dedicated just to wife swapping.


Whenever you and your partner are meeting another couple that you want to swap with you may want to sit and talk for a little bit. Buy each other a drink and see how you connect with each other. Usually, couples will stick with the same couple whenever they are swapping so you will want to make sure that you all like each other and are on board for the swap when it happens. This can help to prevent any hurt feelings.