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How to Have a Profile That Gets You Noticed

If you are looking for ways to have a profile that will get you noticed then there are a few different things that you can do. So many people are looking to create a profile that will get them the responses that they want and the people that they are looking for. Make sure that you know what type of person you are trying to attract so that you can make your profile accordingly.


Your pictures are so important when it comes to creating your profile. You will need to be sure that you have pictures that are flattering without obviously being doctored. Look for pictures of you that give the viewer a clear idea of what you look like. Getting a picture that is too bright or too dark can make it difficult for them to see your face or your body. Be sure that you have more than one or two pictures so that people will really get a good feel of what you look like. Find pictures that are sexy without trying too hard as it can come off as desperate or like you are only interested in sex.

“About Me” Section

You really need to make sure that you are careful with your “about me” section. This is the area that will give people an idea of who you really are. Make sure that you exude confidence without being cocky and that you show off your sense of humor without being corny or trying too hard. Think of your good qualities and go with them while still making yourself seem real and human.

Choosing the Right Couples to Swing With

Whenever you are looking for the right couples to swing with there are a few things to keep in mind. You will find that it is usually a good idea to go out with the couple first, even just for drinks or lunch so that you and your partner can make a good decision about whether or not this couple will be worth your time or if you should continue looking. However when you find the couple that you want to swing with you may find it better to sit and talk with them briefly.


It is usually a good idea for you to try to see if you have any type of spark or connection with the person that you are thinking about swapping with. You will find that swinging with another couple is something that is going to require more than just the working parts. Have a drink with them and see if you and your partner are able to connect with this couple on some level. If only one of you does, then you may want to consider not swinging with them at all as this can end up being something that is unpleasant for one or two of you.


Of course it is really important for you to be attracted to these people on some level. Being attracted to a couple that you swing with is imperative as you will be able to enjoy the sex a lot more. If you are not drawn to them right away, then look for parts of them that can turn you on.

Just Wanting To Watch Others Have Sex

There are a lot of people out there that just want to watch others have sex. This is something that is actually quite common as it is a very big turn on. It is a lot like watching pornography only these people are right in front of you and therefore a lot more real. There are a few different ways that you can get off while watching others have sex.


It is called voyeurism whenever you watch other people have sex. It is something that can get you into trouble so make sure that you do it in a controlled environment. You can set up meetings with a couple that will allow you to watch. Look online for couples that are into being watched by others. They can set it up where they pretend that they do not know that you are watching. You can hide in the closet or under the bed and watch as they go at it. This is usually the best way to do it as you won’t be getting yourself into any trouble legally this way.


Dogging is whenever a couple will have sex outside while other people watch. This is something that can be a lot of fun both for the couple and the audience. Try to find dogging locations in your area where you will be able to watch people have sex while outside. Go online and look for dogging sites that have information on doggers in your area that are looking for people that can watch them get it on.

Wife Swapping In UK Clubs

Wife swapping in UK swinging clubs is something that is extremely popular and a lot of fun. You will find that wife swapping has been around for decades. It became very popular back in the 1960s and 1970s. It may also be known as a key party, where couples would have a party in their own home and would make all of their guests put their keys into a large bowl. Whenever you pulled the keys out of the bowl you would go home with the person whose keys you grabbed. There are now clubs that will allow something similar to happen.

Themed Nights

Look for swingers clubs that will have themed nights. Most will have nights where it is just a night of wife swapping. You will either be able to go home with the wives or you will stay there and have sex with them at the club. Check out the swingers clubs in your area and find out which ones have the nights that are dedicated just to wife swapping.


Whenever you and your partner are meeting another couple that you want to swap with you may want to sit and talk for a little bit. Buy each other a drink and see how you connect with each other. Usually, couples will stick with the same couple whenever they are swapping so you will want to make sure that you all like each other and are on board for the swap when it happens. This can help to prevent any hurt feelings.